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Below are some comments we have received from customers using our Slidler™.

"We have reduced down time by using the Slidlers on our conveyors and coke screeners. The rough winter climate caused many operational problems with our regular idlers on other conveyors. Since the installation of the Slidlers over a year and a half ago, we have had absolutely no problems. Also, extremely easy to change."

Mining Concentrator Plant

"The Slidlers were installed at a cost of $7,800. After three years in service, we reduced maintenance costs which resulted in an ROI of $22,000."

Paper Mill Operation

"It has been several months since the Slidlers were installed and there is no sign of wear. Our belt has never tracked better and I forecast the Slidler maintenance and replacements costs will drop to zero. From now on, when idlers are coming out, Slidlers are going in."

Chemical Plant Salt Conveyor

"Previously our annual maintenance for the idlers averaged $48,000. The initial cost of the Slidlers was $42,000. They have been operating for five years, and our ROI is $198,000 with the Slidlers."

Mining Concentrator Plant

"Our savings after three years come to over $100,000. The Slidlers cost $28,000 but the monthly production loss with idlers maintenance and replacement was $4,000."

Peat Moss Operation

"CanGlide has been very helpful. They have listened to our problems and solved them in an expedient time frame. The operation of the Slidlers on our lime belt has been satisfactory to date."

Pulp & Paper Lime Conveyor

"On our first trial we had a problem with wear. We were getting about the same lifespan as a good quality troughing idler but not the life we wanted. CanGlide came up with a different polymer for the cartridge. These new pads have solved our wear problems."

Mining - Zinc Dewatering Conveyor

"We have a hog fuel conveyor where we had been having problems with our idlers. We had six Slidlers installed and after one year, the six were as good as new. We’ve kept on ordering the Slidlers to replace the remaining idlers."

Paper Mill Hog Fuel Conveyor
Did you know?
There are currently CanGlide Slidlers™ being used that were installed in 2005.

CanGlide's Slidler™ is much safer to personnel and conveyor operators than traditional idlers.

CanGlide\'s Slidler™ can extend operating life two to five times that of the idlers, as well as significantly simplfying and reducing conveyor belt maintenance.

Slidlers™ are very easy to maintain, replacing a Slidler is a quick process that requires no tools.

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Date Recorded: February 2013
Who is using the Slidler™ ?
Manufacturing Chemical Aggregates Peat Moss Food Industry
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